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Club rules.

The club shall be a non-profit making organisation. The club will use the name, “The Racing Fifty Motorcycle Club (2015)” and the abbreviation R.F.M.C. by permission of The Racing Fifty Motorcycle Club (2015) Ltd. which exists as a separate entity, hereafter referred to as the company.

The club will be known as THE HISTORIC RACING FIFTY CLUB. The club will be administered by a director nominated by the shareholders of the company and the director will be guided by an advisory group of no less than three and no more than five who will be elected by the members of the club, either by show of hands at the a.g.m. or by postal vote.

Should the occasion arise that the club is to be wound up then any remaining monies will be distributed equally between all current members who have been in good standing for a period of at least twelve months. Anyone who is accepted as a member shall be deemed to have agreed to abide by these articles, the aims an

d objectives of the club, the rules of the club and the club’s eligibility regulations. Membership is to be granted entirely at the discretion of the director whose decision is final.

Aims and objectives.

  • To promote the preservation and use of historic and classic 50cc racing motorcycles as used up to the date at which they ceased to be a Grand Prix class i.e. 31st of December 1983.
  • To provide members with opportunities to race, display and parade their machines in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.
  • To provide, on occasion, social activities for the members.

When competing, members will do so in a fair and sporting manner. Any member behaving in a manner which is likely to bring the club into disrepute or to create disharmony in the club will be summoned to appear before the director and the advisory group and may have their membership revoked and their membership fee returned.

 Members will ensure that any machine they are responsible for conforms to the club’s eligibility regulations before competing. Machines will be presented in a clean and tidy state which reflects well on the club and its