Machine Eligibility for 2024 ‘Golden era Lightweight Cup’

50cc machines

General Guidelines

Eligibility will be judged against a declaration and photographic evidence. There will be a capacity limit of 50cc. with a tolerance of 5%. Where availability of parts is difficult and means that “mixing and matching” is the only way to keep the machine running then a slightly larger tolerance may be allowed after consultation with the eligibility officer.
Any 50cc machine which was available in the period is eligible. Any machine manufactured outside the period but of a make and model which was available in the period is eligible. This includes the Honda Dream Fifty as it is regarded as a replica, made by the original manufacturer, of a machine produced in the period.

Where machines are built from parts, components are to be of a type (make and model) available in the period. If a new frame is built, it must be of a type and style used in the period and for period one machines it must be an accurate copy of a frame manufactured in the period.

Cylinders designed and manufactured after the period are not eligible. Those manufactured to original period specifications are eligible.

Wheels must be of a type used in the period and no wider than WM1. Minimum diameter is 17” with a maximum tyre width of 3” or the metric equivalent. No slicks or modern “full wets” are allowed.

Brakes must be of a type used in the period and where disc brakes are used they must not exceed 9” in diameter.

Any special parts (e.g. brake components and carburettors) used on works or one off machines in the period will only be eligible on the original machines.

Please note: No scooter barrels permitted (neither ones that are openly visible nor ones that are ‘shrouded’ by a dummy barrel). NO power jet carbs.

‘Ron Ponti’ crankcases are permitted, but barrels must be of the period.

Original ignition systems are to be preferred. If wear and tear and lack of availability necessitates replacement, electronic systems are allowed but they must be unobtrusive and non-programmable.

Number board colours are black numbers on a white background (see ACU regs for size of numbers and placement of ‘boards’).

It is expected that all machines will be of a period appearance and be presented in a clean and tidy condition.

Where there is doubt the onus will be on the owner to prove eligibility. Eligibility will be granted solely at the discretion of the eligibility officer whose decision is final.

Please call Steve on 07410 397201 to discuss eligibility.